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Apple’s ARkit for iOS 11 off to a good start

Just a few days after announcing ARkit for iOS 11 in their annual WWDC event, Apple’s developer ecosystem is already hard at work creating demos using the new technology. Although […]

iOS 11 featured image

iOS 11 UI Design Kit Sketch Download

Sketch app users! If you are looking for iOS 11 UI kits, there’s no better place to get it than from the source. After introducing iOS11 in their annual WWDC […]

iOS 10 UI Kit Available For Download

Not even 1 week has passed since Apple’s 2016 WWDC announcement and we already have a UI kit for iOS 10, courtesy of Carlos and Ramon. They even made it available […]

iPhone 5 is Almost Here

‘Nuff said Source: Huffington Post

GRID – Reinventing the Spreadsheet for Tablets

GRID by Binary Thumb from Josh Leong on Vimeo. Oh. My. God. This is amazing. And beautiful. And I can imagine using it for Project Management. If you want to […]

Siri now works in the Philippines?

I was reading an article about Nuance’s new voice assistant called Nina and decided to give Siri a try again and, to my surprise, she can now search local locations. […]

Contents of Steve Wozniak’s Magic Backpack

What you see above are the contents of Steve Wozniak travel backpack. I only see two explanations to the picture above: it’s either the Woz is a cyborg or he […]