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Time Square Dunk Me

This is so fun! I wish someone can do this here! Now, if only we have an equivalent to Times Square.

What if Twitter and Facebook were real

What if Facebook and Twitter were Real?

If Facebook and Twitter were real people, they would be something like the person in the video. It’s amusing to see how our innocent online behavior can turn into something […]

Chuck Bass aka Ed Westwick of Gossip Girl

Chuck Bass is in Manila

Don’t you love Twitter? I know I do. Unlike Facebook, Twitter instantly lets you know what everyone is talking and gossiping about via Twitter trends. Today, the gossip, I mean […]

GMA Punk'd by d4rkb1t

Who is d4rkb1t?

Last Sunday midnight, everyone on Twitter was buzzing about the hacking of GMA News‘ Twitter, Facebook and website accounts. The hacker, under the code name d4rkb1t, posted the username and […]


#turkcelltweet Case Study

Here’s a case study from Rabarba and Turkish mobile provider Turkcell showing us how they used Twitter to engage people. Turkcell was launching new smartphones bundled with their mobile Internet […]

The Real Cost of Social Media

Everyone seems to love¬†infographics. Not only are they good to look at,¬†they also give us an easy way to understand and digest knowledge, information or data. I love reading infographics […]

Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden’s death spreads like wildfire on Twitter

Twitter is abuzz today with news of the death of America’s public enemy #1, Osama Bin Laden (not to be confused with their president).