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Denny's All NIghter

Denny’s Late Night Case Study

Denny’s is the only American restaurant that is open 24-hours. Denny’s should be owning the late night scene but this was not happening. Publicis USA was given the challenge to […]

Lacta Facebook App

Lacta Facebook App Case Study

While thinking of a Facebook strategy for Lacta Chocolates, OgilvyOne Athens came upon a unique insight about Lacta Chocolates, courtesy of the brand’s own Facebook Page. On¬†Lacta Chocolates‘¬†Facebook wall, people […]

Coca-Cola Village

Coca-Cola Village Case Study

Is it possible to bring the act of “Liking” on Facebook offline? With the right environment and technology Publicis E-dologic made offline Facebook Liking possible.

Burger Ranch Combina

Burger Ranch Combina Case Study

Combina is an Israeli phrase which means “Outsmarting the system and getting something out of it”. In english, it means you’re Punk-ing someone. Burger Ranch created a Combina meal and […]

Subway High School Heroes

Subway High School Heroes Case Study

Publicis Modem, in partnership with Electus Production Company, develop, managed and executed Subway’s High School Heroes program where users were invited to nominate their friends, peers and mentors who help […]