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Instagram takes on Snapchat

Instagram recently updated their app to introduce Instagram Stories, a feature which is a direct copy of Snapchat. It doesn’t have Snapchat’s lenses just yet (you can actually add the […]

Animated Weather Facebook Post

Most digital marketers doing page posts for brands on Facebook know that reaching a lot of people through organic means is very hard to achieve, unless your content is really engaging that […]

What if Twitter and Facebook were real

What if Facebook and Twitter were Real?

If Facebook and Twitter were real people, they would be something like the person in the video. It’s amusing to see how our innocent online behavior can turn into something […]

Facebook Profile Photo

How often do people change their Facebook Profile Photo?

Image is everything and it’s more apparent on Facebook. According to an infographic released by Pixable, Facebook users change their Profile picture at an average of 18 times a year, […]

The Real Cost of Social Media

Everyone seems to love infographics. Not only are they good to look at, they also give us an easy way to understand and digest knowledge, information or data. I love reading infographics […]

Jollibee on Facebook

Jollibee Online Delivery now on Facebook

It looks like Jollibee is getting agressive with their online marketing efforts. A first in the Philippines, Jollibee launched a Public Beta for their Jollibee On-line Delivery on Facebook which […]

The Social Networking Capital of the World

The Philippines is the Social Networking Capital of the World

The Philippines is known for being the ‘Texting Capital of the World’ but now we can also add ‘Social Networking Capital of the World’ under our belt. According to a […]