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ASETNIOP – Invisible Keyboard for Tablets

Have you heard about ASETNIOP? If not, check out the video below and discover a new way of typing. I suggest you try the tutorial first to learn the basics […]

Disney Research – One of the most innovative companies around

Forget Apple, Google, or Samsung. The next innovation will be coming from Disney Research. Here’s a new Disney Research video focusing on 3D Printed Optics.

Want a house? Print it using a 3D Printer.

Seriously, this country can benefit from this 3D Printing technology. I hope this becomes reality soon.

There’s only one word to describe V Motion Project: Cool!

This augmented reality collaboration between V Energy Drink, Colenso BBDO Auckland and Fugitive, called the V Motion Project, is simply awesome! If I saw this live, I’ll poop rainbows.

Time Square Dunk Me

This is so fun! I wish someone can do this here! Now, if only we have an equivalent to Times Square.

Pink Ponies - A Case Study

Pink Ponies – Case Study

How do you promote a birthday party in an already cluttered birthday market? Here’s John St.’s case study on Pink Ponies. I literally LOL’d after watching this video which is […]

leadership lessons from a dancing guy

Follow the leader

I’ve been busy with work the past few weeks which explains why I’ve been remiss in updating my blog lately. As I was doing research on the relationship of brands […]