Hate Your Registrar?

Think Before You Click – A PR Nightmare Case Study in the making

GMA News & Public Affairs recently came out with ‘Think Before You Click‘, an online campaign urging netizens to be responsible with the status posts, tweets or blogs that they […]

The web in 60 seconds

The web in 60 seconds

Want to know what happens on the World Wide Web every 60 seconds? Take a look at this nice litttle infographic from Shanghai Web Designers and prepare to be astounded […]

Facebook Profile Photo

How often do people change their Facebook Profile Photo?

Image is everything and it’s more apparent on Facebook. According to an infographic released by Pixable, Facebook users change their Profile picture at an average of 18 times a year, […]

The Real Cost of Social Media

Everyone seems to love¬†infographics. Not only are they good to look at,¬†they also give us an easy way to understand and digest knowledge, information or data. I love reading infographics […]