Sticky UI

Was bored one day and decided to mess around with Principle. Came up with this sweet, sticky pagination mock-up for a gum brand. Layout design and animation all done in […]

Playing with Pagination

Here’s a mockup of a pagination animation beyond the usual opacity/sliding transition. Design and animation created in Principle for Mac.

Moodsee Onboarding

I’ve been obsessing on some UI and UX design tools recently, specifically Sketch and Principle which are both available for Mac. Here’s an onboarding animation mockup I made for Moodsee, an old startup […]

Oculus DK2 waiting game

Last May 9, I ordered Oculus VR’s Development Kit 2 (DK2). At the time I ordered, the DK2’s was estimated to be shipped anytime around August and midway through the month, my […]

ASETNIOP – Invisible Keyboard for Tablets

Have you heard about ASETNIOP? If not, check out the video below and discover a new way of typing. I suggest you try the tutorial first to learn the basics […]

Disney Research – One of the most innovative companies around

Forget Apple, Google, or Samsung. The next innovation will be coming from Disney Research. Here’s a new Disney Research video focusing on 3D Printed Optics.

GoPollGo – Real time polls with stats

View poll on GoPollGo I saw GoPollGo via Robert Scoble‘s Facebook post and I just had to share this. This is a really nice polling app that shows votes in […]